Facebook Insights: How To Engage More Fans

Facebook Insights Guide: How To Engage More FansWe all have a pretty good idea of who is engaging with us on Facebook. Okay that’s not true… but many of us think we do! Luckily with Facebook Insights you can quickly and easily get accurate information on who is following and engaging with your Facebook page.

These two audiences (fans and people actively engaging with you on Facebook) are not always the same. This guide will teach you how to track these audiences and give you 3 simple ways to overlap them with the overall aim of increasing the number of engaged Facebook fans.

Who talks about you on Facebook

Do you know who is engaged with you on Facebook? You think it might be more men than women from what you remember about your recent ‘Like’s but your just not sure. Facebook Insights tells you exactly who your active audience is.

You can find out the following about your active fans:

  • Gender
  • Age (by category)
  • Country (via IP address)
  • City (via IP address)

To do this, whilst in page view: ‘Insights’ > ‘Talking about this’

This will show you demographics by percentages. If you want more detailed information: ‘Insights’ > ‘Talking about this’ > ‘Export’ > Go to the ‘Daily Demographics People Talking About’ tab and you can see the number of people engaging with you on a daily basis broken down by age and gender.

Who are your fans on Facebook

You now know which demographic is engaging with you on your Facebook page. You may have been surprised and you may want to change it but it is very important to know this and overlap who is talking about you with who your fans are.

You can find out the following about your fans:

  • Gender
  • Age (by category)
  • Country (via IP address)

To do this, whilst in page view: ‘Insights’ > ‘Likes’

This will show you demographics by percentages. If you want more detailed information: ‘Insights’ > ‘Likes’ > ‘Export’ > Go to the ‘Lifetime Likes by Gender and Age’, ‘Lifetime Likes by Country’ and ‘Lifetime Likes by City’ tabs to see the number of people who like you broken down by age and gender, or country or city.

When doing all of this pay attention to the date range you are selecting and make sure it is the same for both the data sets you are comparing. You can pick a long period of time or the last week or month, or even when you had a particular campaign or event running.

When the demographics of Facebook followers and active followers don’t match

Facebook Demographics: Facebook Fans & Active Fans

You may find that your Facebook fans are not of the same demographic as those who are engaged with you on Facebook. There are 3 things you can do to overlap these two audiences:

1. Target your inactivate community

Now that you know who your inactive fans are, try changing the way you post so that it engages these people (of course don’t exclude your already active fan base). This might involve running a contest, changing the types of updates you are posting or even the times which you are posting them.

2. Recruit fans from your active demographic pool

Run sponsored stories targeted to people who might be interested in your page with similar demographic background to those who are active. You already know that these type of people are engaged with your page.

3. Your active community are not your existing fans

The ‘Talking about this’ data does not discriminate between fans and non-fans. In order to make sure you are converting people who are active on your Facebook page into fans of your page you need to have an optimised ‘Like gated’ / ‘Fan gated’ landing tab. If you do not have a fan or like gated welcome tab you really do need to have one in place: it will drastically increase your conversion rate and your number of Facebook fans. If this is something you are interested in setting up for your Facebook page please email me for more information.

This is part of the “Facebook Insights: How To” series of blog posts on using Facebook Insights data to create more engaging Facebook pages.

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5 responses to “Facebook Insights: How To Engage More Fans”

  1. ttykes says :

    I really enjoyed reading this article. Although I’m quite familiar with my insights page, I realized that I’m not doing enough to engage the fans I’m not reaching.
    I do need to have like gated welcome tab.

  2. Jamie Strachan says :

    Jack, thanks for a simple, well explained article without the usual uneccessary tech terms often found in articles relating to social media! Like ttykes I also use the insights pages, but making sense of it wasn’t so successful! Thanks for shedding some light. Hopefully I can help our charity make better use of the page and our interaction.

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